To keep things in tip-top shape, follow these tips for getting your multifamily properties prepared for Spring.

Keep Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling Systems Up-To-Date

Keeping plumbing, heating, and cooling systems up-to-date ensures that tenants of your multifamily properties will have the necessary heat, air conditioning, and safe water they need. This also includes making sure boilers and water heaters are functioning properly. 

Conduct Outdoor Spring Cleanup

It is important to maintain multifamily properties outdoors as well, including trimming trees and bushes, removing any leaves left from fall, preparing the lawn for the spring growing season, removing debris from gutters and sidewalks, and preparing the ground to plant flowers and other plants. This will make your multifamily property a safe, well-groomed, and welcoming location for current and prospective tenants.

Prepare for Spring/Summer Outdoor Maintenance

If you take care of your multifamily properties yourself, be sure that all equipment for lawn care and gardening is functioning and ready to go. If you hire out this service, make sure contracts are in place with a reputable company to care for your properties.

Assess the Outside of Your Multifamily Properties

In addition to grounds care, you should inspect all parts of the outside of the building including looking for cracks in concrete or windows, holes in screens, crumbling brick, improperly mounted gutters or clogged gutters, the condition of the roof, and the condition of the walkways, staircases, and entrances to the building. In addition, assess decks and siding materials and paint or stain as necessary. 

Assess the Inside of Your Multifamily Properties

Finally, you should inspect all indoor portions of the building. Make sure carpets or floors are in good condition. Hire a company to shampoo carpets or clean wood or tile floors. Clean ductwork and check the condition of appliances, faucets, and plumbing in each unit. Make sure there are no signs of leaks in the ceilings and that the integrity of the windows is intact. As well, look for signs of rodents or insects and be sure to mitigate these issues immediately.

Take care of any repairs as soon as possible to get your multifamily properties ready for Spring. Contact Grecco Capital for all your property financing needs.