If you have a goal that you’re not meeting, you can do one simple thing to help check your motivation and make better progress towards it. According to some productivity experts, having greater success with your goals is as simple as blocking out 15 minutes per day on your calendar to work on them.

Whether you make progress or make excuses, what you do with this 15 minutes will be instrumental in helping you decide if you want to continue working towards the goal or not.

Remember That Big Goals Are Really Just Several Small Goals

Putting pen to paper and writing down your big goals is one of the basic tenets of productivity. Once you have done that, you will see that meeting a big goal eventually means crossing off several smaller ones starting today. If you can’t sustain focus for the small things, you may not want the big thing as much as you thought you did.

Change Begins with Self-Discipline

It’s impossible to meet goals or change if you don’t hold yourself accountable for doing so. The idea is that applying self-discipline to one area will snowball until your find yourself practicing self-discipline in most areas of your life. That means when you take the time to write down a list, actually tackling the items on that list will give you greater gumption for setting and meeting goals in the future. It’s a trick that people with high productivity standards meet all the time.

Sometimes You Don’t Really Want to Meet a Goal You Have Set

If you set aside 15 minutes a day and find yourself procrastinating on making progress with your goal or doing something else entirely, your motivation probably wasn’t that strong from the start. For example, you may feel pressure from your boss or spouse to advance your career when you feel perfectly content where you are right now. Your lack of desire to climb the company ladder will show when you sit down to work on tasks that might get you closer to a promotion.

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