Inspiring customer loyalty requires a deep and ongoing relationship between your brand and the customer. In today’s crowded, competitive market, it’s easy for customers to forget you, even if you’ve provided great service.

Use these customer retention tips to win repeat business:  

  • Maintain the connection: Use email and social media to interact with customers regularly, so that they always have you top of mind when next they need your services. Send a helpful newsletter, extend a discount offer, announce a new product, ask for feedback–so long as you don’t overdo it. Don’t bombard customers with sales pitches and miscellaneous email. Stick to valuable communications.  
  • Re-introduce your company: If you haven’t heard from the customer in a while, remind them what your company does and what they’ve purchased from you in the past. Show appreciation for their business, and ask that they keep you in mind for future needs. 
  • Personalize and delight: Customers like receiving special discounts on their birthday. Notify them when their favorite product is on sale and think of other ways to use what you know about the customer to surprise and impress them with your thoughtfulness. 
  • Be community minded: Donate a portion of profits to a local charity, which gives customers a new type of incentive to buy from you, rather than the competition. 
  • Prioritize customer service: Hire experienced and dedicated people to deal directly with customers, since they are the face and voice of your brand. Provide thorough training so staff can easily answer customer questions and provide superb service. 
  • Be easy to reach: Let customers contact you in their preferred manner–and answer all channels promptly. Whether a customer asks a question on your Facebook page, sends you and email or calls you, be ready to provide a personalized response. 
  • Learn from customers: Ask customers their opinions on new products or features. This gets you valuable intel and lets them know they are valued. Read social media comments and feedback submitted on your website to learn what customers think and need. Use this info to refine your product or service offering. 
  • Thank customers: Show appreciation for referrals they’ve brought you, repeat purchases, 5 years as a customer, etc.  
  • Send better and better offers: Stand out from others in your industry by finding creative new incentives, so that you are always the first choice and best business for customers to deal with.  

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