Being creative in an office environment can be challenging, especially for new employees who may feel shy about sharing their ideas. The good news is that you as a manager can encourage creative thinking with your newest hires by the way you communicate and establish expectations. Below are a few ways you can get those creative juices flowing for the newest members of your team.

Explain the Way You Think

It’s possible to avoid a lot of misunderstandings and frustration in an office environment by letting your new employees know how you think and operate from the very beginning. For example, you may be the type of person who likes to consider the end of a project first and then work your way backwards. This helps everyone to appreciate that people approach creativity from different angles and that they can actually play off each other’s strengths.

Challenge Your New Employees to Express Creativity in Different Ways

The best way to get to know what a new hire is capable of is to ask him or her to come up with new ideas in several different ways. This could mean sitting down to make changes to the current web design one day and writing suggestions for changes another day. Both exercise different parts of the brain that eventually help your organization to achieve the same goals.

Focus on What Could Improve Rather That What Appears to Be Wrong

When you pay the most attention to what is wrong in an office environment, it discourages all employees from approaching you about new ideas. Even when you think the ideas someone has are all wrong, it’s better to give suggestions on what he or she can do with the project rather than state that nothing looks right with it. Always remember to aim for more not less when giving feedback. The more specific it is and the more opportunities it presents, the better.

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