Delegation is difficult for some entrepreneurs, small business owners and managers to get used to. Often, it’s their habit to juggle everything on their own. As your business grows, you may notice that you’re busy with seemingly “urgent” tasks all day long. In fact, these tasks are really just taking your time away from a more vital function–managing and/or setting the direction of your business.

Give yourself more time to be visionary, by learning to delegate successfully. Once you get used to it, delegation can be good for you, your business, and your employees.

When Managers are Afraid of Delegating, Consider the Up-sides

Delegating means giving away some control, which can feel unnatural and risky. Since you cannot clone yourself, however, you’ll reach a point where you must delegate. 

Delegation can be a growth exercise for you as a business owner, as you allocate some power to your employee. In exchange for taking this risk, you gain more time to concentrate on higher-level planning and deal-making. (You can also “delegate” tasks, especially repetitive ones, to an outsourcing company or outside consultant.)

Successful delegation is also good for your business, allowing it to grow. It turns out, the new responsibility that comes with delegated tasks is also great for employee development for those who receive the work. Delegation can be a win, win, win.

Commonly Delegated Business Tasks 

These functions lend themselves to delegation or outsourcing:

  • Customer service 
  • Marketing 
  • Web design 
  • IT and Tech support 
  • Mailing and shipping 
  • Accounting/bookkeeping 
  • Tax planning and preparation 
  • Payroll  

How Delegation Benefits Your Employees

Through delegation, you’re showing that you trust the employee(s) to handle the new assignment you’ve given them. The employee, to whom you delegate tasks/projects, will likely come to feel more valuable, involved in, and important to your company.

Delegation typically leads to increased job satisfaction for the employee, who appreciates the opportunity to do more complex and interesting tasks. This morale boost helps you retain your best employees, reducing turnover and lowering expensive hiring and training costs.

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