Got a terrific business idea? Heed our business advice–do it now! In the future, life typically gets complicated. You may be held back by family concerns or other financial responsibilities, so youth is the ideal time to stretch your entrepreneurial muscles. Can you start a new business late in life? Sure! But that’s the focus for a future blog. Here’s how youth can help get a business off the ground.

Advantages of Youthful Entrepreneurship

Younger people starting new ventures offer this encouraging business advice:

  • Get inevitable failures out of the way. Your first business may take off as Google did for Sergey Brin, but stratospheric success is uncommon. More often, new businesses stumble–or even fail and go out of business. In youth, you’ll be disappointed, but you’ll have lots of energy to pick yourself up and start again. Or you may just need to fix a few issues and revive your business. Still, youthful confidence and energy are extremely helpful. Remember, failures and missteps are learning opportunities. Youth is the ideal time for learning.
  • The stakes are lower. As mentioned in the intro, in youth, you may not have major responsibilities in life just yet. That means a “failure” won’t have the big consequences that it might later in life. Later on, you might have house payments or kids to raise (and put through college).
  • More time to build. As a younger person, starting a business and building over time is the best scenario. When you are older, and perhaps ready to retire, you will have more retirement savings if you started early on. You may even be able to retire very early.
  • Jump into real life. Being a professional student is a great path for some–and some professions take years of formal education. If you have your heart set on medicine as a career, for example, you’ll need to allocate those early years to campus life and rigorous schooling. But if you’re the type that needs to (or wants to) learn by doing, being an early entrepreneur is very educational. You can learn as you go along.

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