Entrepreneurs often experience frustration when building their own businesses. They put in long hours and in the initial stages sometimes perceive scant progress from their hard work. The problem may not be with your ability or perseverance, but rather because you have not yet learned how to focus your efforts. Here are some tips on how you can get more done in less time.

Prioritize Your Tasks

Although you may already be working as hard as you can, you may be expending your efforts in the wrong direction. As an entrepreneur, you will always appear to have more to do than can ever get done. The key is to prioritize your efforts. The tasks that you put first should all be essential for building and improving your business. Break down overwhelmingly large undertakings into smaller increments that you can accomplish one at a time.

Schedule Your Time into Blocks

Instead of scattering your attention by randomly jumping from one thing to the next, focus your time by scheduling it into blocks during which you concentrate on just one task. The Pomodoro Technique recommends 25-minute work sessions broken up by brief breaks. During your periods of work, you can focus intensely, knowing that the task you are currently performing is the one and only priority of the moment.

Select Your Tunes

Having the right music playing while you’re working can improve your mood and facilitate productivity. Pleasant music eliminates distractions and allows you to better focus on preparing your website, answering emails, writing content, or handling finances.

Take a Walk

Walking is not only an excellent form of exercise, but it also allows you to effectively multitask. For instance, you can put on your headphones and take phone meetings while you stroll through parks or along city streets. You can also plan your day while out on an early walk. Be sure to write down your thoughts or dictate them into your phone so you don’t lose them. Additionally, sometimes when you need to brainstorm ideas, walking helps your thoughts to flow.

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