Offering Equipment Financing Solutions

Grecco Capital Finance offers a variety of equipment leasing services for the use of businesses both big and small. With quick application approvals and excellent interest rates, we can finance any of your business-related equipment. Whether your company works with computers, tractors, or specialized equipment, we can be of assistance.

Benefits From Working With Us

Equipment financing is a great way to increase cash flow so that your business can focus on other things such as marketing or taking on new projects. Using these services can also free up your existing credit lines. Here are a few benefits of our programs:

  • Low monthly payments
  • Fixed rates
  • Tax and accounting advantages

Leasing applications that are less than $150,000 do not require a financial statement, and a down payment is not generally needed.

Financing Programs That Can Appeal to You

We offer many types of financing programs for different types of businesses and transactions. Startup programs are perfect for new companies that are looking to free up cash and continue building up their business. B, C, and D credit programs work for businesses that don’t have optimal credit. If your company is struggling financially or just beginning, these programs may be good options.

Government and municipal leasing programs offer funding to entities such as the following:

  • Armed Services
  • Fire Houses
  • Public Schools
  • Libraries
  • Federal Government Agencies
  • Police Departments

These entities can receive guaranteed-approved lease financing for all types of equipment.

Sale & Lease Back programs make it easy for you to use equipment when funds aren’t on hand. Grecco Capital Finance purchases your equipment and leases it to you. Once you have made all the payments of the lease, you can receive ownership over the piece of equipment.

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With so many benefits and services on hand, your business can receive the funding it needs no matter the size or stage of the company. Call our experts today to start the application process.