Changing corporate structure is a tall order for many companies. One of the reasons for this is that leadership looks at the big picture and feels overwhelmed rather than breaking it down into small pieces of truth that they can act on right away.

If you can relate, consider analyzing the four areas outlined below to see where your company could make changes in its corporate structure.

Committed and Engaged Leadership is a Must

Organizational change cannot occur unless people at the top level of leadership engage with those who report to them and feel committed to improving company culture. This is true regardless of how much control members of leadership ultimately have over the changes that occur. It’s also necessary for them to develop strong communication skills and trust with board members and company leaders from other areas.

Change Slowly Over Time

When change affects the entire organization, it’s important for leaders to ensure that those affected understand, accept, and feel committed to the change. If they do not, it’s the job of leadership to have open dialogue to find out why. Leaders who remain involved in every phase of the corporate structure change will be able to manage this task much better than those who only check in periodically.

Details Matter

Planning such a big change without established goals and a timeline can doom it to failure. Each person assigned to a task must also be held accountable for accomplishing it or explaining why he or she needs more support to do so. Leaders should be in continuous communication with everyone whose job functions will change due to the change in corporate structure.

Don’t Forget to Work Together

Collaboration is the name of the game with changes of this magnitude. People need to feel passionate about a shared goal that will change the company for the better. Management should see to it from the start that people don’t break off into silos and focus only on how the upcoming change affects them.

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