It’s a common fear of small business owners that they cannot compete with big corporations in terms of marketing. This usually isn’t true since it doesn’t take a big budget to attract customer attention. Below are six free or low-cost techniques you can try right away.

  • Give out free samples or trials: Allowing prospective customers to try a mini-version of a product at no cost before committing to buying it is an excellent sales strategy. Additionally, a free trial period shows confidence in your product. 
  • Connect with customers after making a sale: People can become jaded in a hurry when they realize that a business paid attention to them long enough to complete a sale and then dropped off the radar. It makes a great impression to send the customer an email asking how everything is going with the new product. 
  • Provide useful information through content marketing: Offering potential customers valuable advice through a blog post or short eBook without expecting anything in return will make your company stick in their memory. People no longer trust traditional advertising because they feel there is nothing in it for them. Content marketing sends a different message entirely. 
  • Focus on upselling your products: If a customer is buying a product that would work well with another product, there’s nothing pushy about suggesting it. Train salespeople to always look for these opportunities and bring them to the customer’s attention. 
  • Spread your message in a unique way: You cannot expect to do what everyone else is doing and stand out from the crowd. Try to be as creative as you can in getting your message out there such as video advertising or a sales pitch in the form of a poem. 
  • Offer incentives to staff: The most driven personnel respond well to incentive programs because it has them continually working towards a goal. It isn’t the size of the incentive so much as the salesperson feeling like he or she stands to benefit personally.  

If your company is struggling to meet sales goals, contact Grecco Capital for more suggestions.